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Diedre Susana West, owner of the Horse Way Experiences and the Healing with Horse Collective (www.healingwithhorse.org) is a lifelong horsewoman who began training Arabian horses when she was 13. She had a decade-long career as a college English professor specializing in environmental literature, feminism, and comparative mythology, before developing an acclaimed equine program at a residential therapy facility for young women. Utilizing her training in her academic specialties and studies in Jungian, constellations, gestalt, somatic and other therapies, Diedre and the Horse Way herd have honed experiential learning processes that:

  • identify the central storylines we are all working through,
  • make meaning from the deeply entrenched inner paths and pressures these central storylines, or myths, place on our lives,
  • uncover how our personal past, our ancestral heritage, and our current environment, weave into our inner experience and external stories, and
  • step into profound spiritual awakening or understanding, even when our life track brings us situations cannot control.

Horse Way has worked with children, teens, and college-aged adults including those considered to be at-risk, adults in all walks of life, college students, international corporate leaders, people with autism, and military veterans for almost 20 years. Diedre also loves mountains, where she trail rides, hikes with her dogs, mountain bikes, backpacks, rock climbs, and tele-mark skis both in the backcountry and at resorts. Or she may be found drinking good coffee with an equally good book, looking up occasionally at the herd of horses running across a meadow backed by mountains. Please email us at HorseWayExperiences@gmail.com or text/call (801) 620-0186.

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